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Laser marking

Elevate Your Marking with Kirfer's Laser Solutions

Experience the excellence of Kirfer's laser marking solutions, backed by a strong track record of implementation and expertise. We offer cutting-edge laser marking solutions suitable for all industries, providing complete systems that seamlessly integrate into existing production lines.

Our laser systems are versatile, finding applications in the marking of finished and unfinished metal and wire products, automotive components, medical devices, and even consumer electronics. By replacing traditional marking systems like inkjets, lasers offer superior efficiency and precision.

Our devices are capable of marking a wide range of materials, including durable plastics, glass, stone, wood, leather, and organic materials, thanks to predefined marking libraries. With minimal maintenance requirements and long-lasting performance, our laser systems are the ultimate solution.

Explore our range of laser types, including Fiber, Advanced, CO2, Green, and Deep Engraver, to find the perfect fit for your marking needs. Elevate your marking capabilities with Kirfer today.