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Laser marking

Discover laser marking solutions that revolutionize product markings and traceability in industrial production. These user-friendly options offer a seamless transition from traditional methods like inkjets, labels, and die-cutting, with a remarkably fast return on investment.

As an official partner of CAJO Technologies Oy, Kirfer provides comprehensive turn-key solutions tailored to your specific requirements. 

Enhance Traceability and Efficiency with Laser Marking Solutions

Laser marking is more than just choosing a laser type - whether it's fiber, UV-, CO2, or green laser. It's about embracing industry trends like automation and IIoT, understanding customer needs, material considerations, content requirements, and marking methods. Build a functional, safe, and sustainable marking solution that aligns perfectly with your needs. Choose Kirfer for innovative laser marking solutions today.

Seamless Integration with Laser Marking Solutions

Unlock the power of laser marking with our integrable systems, perfect for seamless integration into your production line or device. Say goodbye to outdated inkjet systems as laser technology takes over.

Discover our range of Cajo Tailor™ laser marking systems, including Fiber, Advanced, CO2, Green, and Deep Engraver models. These cutting-edge units guarantee precise and enduring markings, consistently delivering exceptional quality. With top-notch electrical and mechanical integrability, coupled with an unparalleled user experience, our systems stand as the finest available in the market. Elevate your marking solutions with us today.

Read more about Kirfer´s laser marking solutions here.

Elevate Your Marking Game with Stand-alone Solutions

Introducing the Cajo Vega marking system, purpose-built for flexible and top-tier marking of both semi-finished and finished products. This secure turnkey solution comes with protective housing for your peace of mind. Cajo Vega™ is your go-to choice for permanent markings on metals, plastics, and coated plastics.

With a variety of laser units including Fiber, Advanced, CO2, and Green, you can mark a wide range of materials, from soft polymers to light-reflecting metals like copper and brass.

Explore specialized Cajo Vega options tailored for your specific needs, such as:

  • Cajo Vega for Cables: An automated solution for continuous cable and wire marking.
    Cajo Vega For Wire Harness: A turnkey solution for high-quality marking of wire harnesses.


Ergonomic Versatility with Cajo Vega Desk

Meet the Cajo Vega Desk, your tabletop laser marker designed with ergonomics and versatility in mind. Ideal for product marking in various settings, it's a top choice for both laboratory needs and educational applications.